Giving Feedback Self-Assessment

The Assessment

Think of a specific setting--work, home, or community--then rate each statement in the assessment using that same setting

Where You Stand

Where you stand on the Feedback Ladder
111-125You are on the final rung of the ladder. Turn around, reach down, and help lift other up the Feedback Ladder.
86-110You are past the halfway point on the ladder. Continue up the ladder with confidence as you practice and apply these steps and tools.
66-85Both your feet are off the ground and on the ladder. This course will boost your climb and move you upward.
25-65You know where you stand. Your feet are still on the ground. Take the first steps up the Feedback Ladder by learning more.
Question Response

See where you stand on the feedback ladder! Get your results immediately - are you a 'Feedback Flop' or 'Feedback Fanatic'? The assessment is FREE. But first, tell us a little about you.